Why it pays to have a REALTOR® for new construction homes.

I've had clients complain to me that they were not aware that they had rights to inspect their new construction home.  Thinking the home is new and perfect, why inspect it?  You have a right to verify the condition.  

How about property tax assessments?  Were you aware of the tax assessments/bonds and other local fees that may affect your expenses?  Are you informed of restrictions?  The list goes on and on.  

Your agent will negotiate on your behalf and not for the developer. Think about it. Are you paying the agent? Did you know that the seller typically pays the agent fees? Stay informed. Ask a REALTOR®.

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If you're friends with me on Facebook, you've probably caught on that I've taken on a somewhat...interesting challenge. Feeling older, hearing my knees cracking more often than usual, arthritis in my hip starting to affect my walking made me decide it's time for a lifestyle change.  Dammit! I looked at myself in the mirror and said I'm not a spring chicken, no matter what my mind tells me. I heard about the 6-week challenge to lose 20 pounds following a strict regiment and seeing friend results helped me to commit to this new journey.  And then it began! 

What are you doing to to start fresh (again) this Fall?